NV-Professional Service in the Service Industry

Course introduction

Giving professional service in the service industry boils down to communications. Upon completion of this segment participants will be more astute in communications through understanding themselves, personality types and how to interact with them, how their conversation affects others, the proper use (or not) of cell phones, the process of appointments made/kept/cancelled and suggested consequences, and purpose of gratuities.

Whether you work in a one station, four station, 8 station, or 12 station salon or spa; whether you are an owner, employee or booth renter, YOU are responsible for treating the clients that patronize you with professionalism and respect.

Before we discuss the how-to of professional customer service. Let this be a time of fun, learning and reflection as you look toward your success, or continuing success, in the field of cosmetology. Let’s look at some areas often overlooked or taken for granted. What non-traditional areas contribute to this professionalism in customer service? Knowing who you are communicating with. Keeping a clean and orderly salon. These, and more, are important to giving professional service.