Wardrobe (NV)

costumes of party people

If you are recording in the business wear your uniform if you are including a client in the scene. If you are just talking (known as the talking head), professional or business casual attire is acceptable. With the use or HD video, bright colors, white and loud fun prints do not look good once recorded. Solids, darker colors and color block work best. If someone else is recording for you be sure to ask for their advice regarding wardrobe. Just remember, if you are recording in front of a green screen, do not wear anything green or containing green. Once the video is edited that green area will be replaced by the background image used by the postproduction editor. Also note that some videographers will use a blue screen. Same rules apply.

Be sure that whatever you are wearing, and those who may be in the video with you, that you are clean, neat, wrinkle-free, matching with nothing hanging or sticking up. Earrings should be hanging properly, and longer hair laid appropriately on clothing.

Avoid wearing eyeglasses with dark lenses unless they are medically necessary or part of the props of your video script. At some point, we recommend removing them if they are a prop for reasons of the viewer to be able to feel your character by looking into your eyes.