Video Assets (NV)

Your video content may contain the video footage from the actual shoot, but it may also contain photos of you working at your station with clients, a group “selfie” of clients and co-workers (adds a fun energy to the production) or video shot as what is call B-roll. B-roll can be as simple as video shot of the outside of the business, you or your colleagues servicing clients or even your lobby and product displays. If you are creating this production yourself, the PC and Mac each come with FREE video editing software. Each program allows for the inclusion of photos and clip art that can add zest to your production. Moviemaker is the Windows product on the PC and iMovie is the video editing software on the Mac. Either program is easy to learn and use, and tutorials can be found on-line.

Additionally, these programs have built in title templates, music and sound effects for creating a really professional video. Take your time and explore what your program has to offer. If you find yourself a bit out of your element, video editors will take your content and work with you to create a quality product – for a fee of course.

A word of caution when adding photos, video and music that you do not own. Try to purchase these items from stock services that offer the proper licensing for public broadcasting. This practice will keep you out of court and a myriad of lawsuits from the artists and record labels for copyright infringement.

All in all, have fun and get the word out about your professional products and services by integrating new media. Uh…video. No longer new, but every bit as relevant.