Recording Space (NV)

Girl Recording Vlog Video Blog At Home With Digital Camera

Equally important to your wardrobe, is the set, or studio or the area of the business in which you will be recording. Mostly this is in regard to the surroundings, lighting and sound. The space needs to have good acoustics for producing good audio (think of how voices sound on the news or other programs). Treating the room with sound absorption squares or panels will not break the bank but boost the level of your audio.

Be keenly aware of what is in the background. If you are recording in the business, is there a messy station, a half-painted wall, or an uneven drape? Are you standing in front of a counter that is disorganized? Or, a mirror loaded with fingerprints? I was horrified when I had a videographer record for me once. We used a small table and covered it with a tablecloth. When I reviewed the recording the table cover was terribly uneven. I was so embarrassed as I could only edit out so much of that obscenity with titles blocks. Hard lesson to learn. Ugh!  Rule-of-thumb. Always review the shoot before everyone leaves in case you need to reshoot a certain scene. If possible, have a set designer who will be responsible for the look of a scene. All those credits at the end of a video are there for a reason.