Promotion (NV)

Now that you have created your masterpiece, or hired someone to do it for you, it is show time. Or “share time”. There are many video hosting and sharing sites available for you to post your videos. Most are free, but also offer paid plans if you desire. Thinking in terms of “exposure”, you will want to place your video where it may get the most traffic. That being said you will want to create an account to host your videos. YouTube and Vimeo each offer tutorials on various topics related to promoting your videos on the Internet (these are the most popular). These are search engines as much as they are video hosting sites. (Google No.1 and YouTube No. 2 search engines) You will also need to add your video to your website. There are various ways to do this, so it is better to contact or read your web site vendor’s documentation on how to do this. Adding video to your website, whether by uploading or embedding, gives value-added content to clients and prospects alike, offers the opportunity to show off your professionalism and increase traffic to your website, other social channels and ultimately to your brick-and-mortar business.

In addition to your web site and video hosting platforms, post your video on your other social media channels. Facebook and Instagram TV or Reels allow direct uploads and others allow you to post the link (from YouTube for example) and show a thumbnail of the video along with its description to entice viewers to click, open and watch the entire video. When posting your videos whether by link or upload always include a short description (post) inviting people to watch and share. Notice the operative “short”. Social Media has caused a leap in time, so everyone appears to be impatient as we fly through life and the inundation of sensory input from posts, text messages, and emails. You may be familiar with the KISS method of doing things – Keep it simple sweetie. Remember to add hashtags (#) at the end or throughout your post on keywords. This helps when others are searching for particular topics related to your video content. This applies to non-video content as well.

Finally, depending on your budget and market, you may want to buy commercial airtime on your local broadcast stations and even radio, depending on your script. Don’t forget Roku and your cable providers.