Production (NV)

Employing the content learned above, it is now time to produce your own video. Below is a quick and simple video commercial you can produce for your business. The complete script is provided for you, just add your name, business name, location and other pertinent information. Or, edit more as you wish to fit your needs. Have fun as you promote your business. Remember this works whether you are an owner or independent contractor. Although this script is part of a copyrighted course, you have our express permission to duplicate and use it as your own.

Depending upon the number of people in your shop, have two to three people participate. Have one person for Point 1, one person for Point 2 and one person for Point 3.  For the closing, everyone should read for a collaborative high energy affect. If you are a solo operation adapt the script to the services you offer. One idea would be to switch out a service point for the words “great service in a great space”. You get the idea. In either situation, be energetic and have fun. You can create your own promotional video.

Let’s look over the simple script below for consideration of your first video. Again, adapt the language to reflect your particular situation of products and services your business offers. Okay try it. Gather everyone together in your business and divvy out the parts. First just practice reading the parts a few times, then get into your roles. Have fun with it. Do your readings and final shoot with no customers around. You and your team have enough opinions other than your camera operator, who may offer professional advice. Alright everyone! Quiet on the set! Lights! Camera! Action!


Hello, are you looking to treat your hair, skin or nails? Want it done right? At great prices and quality care? Visit

[business name] in Streetsboro Plaza for…


Sets, weaves, cuts and color

[business name]


Facials, brows, treatments

[business name]


Shellac, gel, natural, pedicures

We are [business name]


Call now to reserve your time with us at

[business name]

Hair, skin and nails

Located at 1234 Main Avenue in Reno, Nevada

Call 775-123-4567

Or visit us online at (please do not say “www dot” – it is outdated and sounds awkward) to book your appointment with one of our beauty professionals now!


Note 1: when speaking the business name in the introduction and points one and two, say it with quiet confidence. In point three and the closing speak the business name with great conviction without shouting. The key is planting the name of your business within the viewer’s mind. It’s like the refrain of a song. It gets stuck in your head. You want the viewer to remember the name and call or visit your website or even walk into your business for service.

Note 2: you may have to repeat the script several times before getting it just right. Do not get discouraged; this is part of the process. That’s it. You did it! You created your first promotional video. Celebrate and share it with the world!

Sidebar: If your budget allows, hire a videographer to shoot, direct and produce your video for you. Look to spend approximately $1,500 (low end) to $5,000 or more for a 3-5-minute production using one camera. You will meet with your video producer prior to the shoot date to confirm the scope of your project, discuss price (any deposits or payment schedule) and review of the space for recording. Seeing the space in advance is critical to knowing how to frame the shoot and know what crew and equipment may be needed to produce a professional product you will be proud of. He or she will most likely bring microphones, lights and other equipment necessary for a quality shoot and ultimate finished product. It can take four or more hours to produce a three to five video depending on the setup time, break down and the preparedness of you and your team. Then, of course a few hours on post production, including editing the video, adding music, title text, B-roll and any still photos you want added to the final video. If the shoot takes place in a studio, you will need to add that hourly rate to your budget. The studio rate may be anywhere from $25/hour to $150/hour (on up) which may include the cost of and use of a camera and lights and a camera operator.