Camera (NV)

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For in-house productions you will need a camcorder or a good mobile device, i.e., iPhone, Android, or tablet. I have found that the small flip cam, the ones no larger than a cellphone with screen, work great as well as consumer camcorders for a starter budget. Each of these recorders are full HD (some have 4K capability) and produce great video for your purpose. You may spend anywhere from $99-$600 for a good consumer video camera. Most computer stores have everything you need from the camera to lights and audio kits. Don’t forget the tripod. And these days, you may find the whole kit and caboodle on your favorite Internet store. Hint: Amazon. When hiring a videographer, they will choose the best camera for job. However, don’t be alarmed if your hired videographer shows up with one of these consumer brands or mobile devices. Technology is ever-changing allowing for professional productions to be shot from various camera types. I traveled from Ohio to Florida to shoot my sister’s wedding and used one of the consumer camcorders (JVC Everio). It was great for traveling light and produced a great HD video she and her husband are proud of.

On a final note: your smartphone or tablet just might get the job done. Search for adapters and gimbals that can hold your tablet or phone to minimize or eliminate shake and unnecessary movements while filming. These tools also keep you from putting your hands and fingers in front of the lens. When recording tips or empowerment messages using the built-in camera in your computer may also be a good tool, whether live or recorded then edited for on-demand viewing. It bears repeating here to use a good external mic. It will make the difference between amateurish and professional content.