Location (NV)

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LOCATION. LOCATION. LOCATION. When you are searching for a location to set up shop, be it booth rent, employee or shop owner, it is important to consider the location of your operation. Do you want to work in a loft setting, stand-alone building or shopping strip? This is an important first question along with the city, or part of town, and client parking facilities. Equally important are the types of business surrounding your desired location. This becomes important to growing your business and clientele. Certain types of businesses can feed into your services. Businesses like, law firms, banks, regular office operations, retail or grocery stores can add a somewhat steady flow of service and retail clients during times when your business may be slower. It is also reasonable if another shop is nearby. This could be good for collaboration on events or just to have comrades in the industry to attend tradeshows, etc.

When renting commercial space be aware of zoning and licensing requirements for your desired location. Check with the city in which the building resides and your landlord for the particulars regarding your situation. In addition, your State Board will have certain license requirements.