Guiding Principles (NV)

It has been said that there are five guiding principles to becoming a successful business owner. First a small clarification of what a business owner is. Even if you are an employee, you own the outcome of the work you produce. We should each have a type of entrepreneurial spirit that spawns pride in our work. It is a good quality. Okay the principles. They are integrity, reliability, dependability, responsibility, and accountability. I would add honesty, humility – humility being the higher of the two.

In serving others, we are not perfect. Mistakes will happen. Sometimes the mistakes may be out of your control.  The best approach would be to own up to the mistake or other challenge right away with a humble heart apologizing and asking for forgiveness. Sincerity is key to pulling this off. The next step is offering a solution for a better customer experience. And, of course a coupon or waiving the current service fee eases the pain even more. Try it – when the occasion arises. Hopefully you will not have to make that offer often.